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Big Sky Organic Feed Instructions


organic-feed-family-feedingGive our feed free-choice to your birds and provide fresh water and access to shelter at all times. If your birds are on a different feed now, be sure to transition them from your feed to ours over a period of several days to a week. When starting chicks be very careful to avoid conditions too hot, too cold, too humid or too drafty. Your broilers should finish in about 9-10 weeks on the three rations we have prepared. Faster growth than that can cause their legs and vital organs to fail.

Feeder Hogs

Give our feed free-choice to your growing hogs, provide fresh water, and access to shelter (particularly shade) at all times. If your hogs are also on forage they may eat less feed, depending on the forage type and age.  The breed of your hog, weather conditions, and availability of other feed stuffs will all contribute to differences in feed consumption and weight gain.  Generally, hogs fed a full diet of good milled feed will gain about 1.5 to 1.8 pounds per day, to a finished weight of about 220 lbs.  Average daily feed consumption may range from 3.75 lbs. early in the growing period, and increase to over 6 lbs. per day in the finishing stage.