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go to storeWe sell high quality flour and whole grain kernels.  We offer both organically certified products and conventional grain products. Having built our reputation on quality and service to small customers and larger food manufacturers,  many of our organic grains are sold around the world.

Products Currently Offered

Our flour and grain is packaged to suit our customers, and includes 2,000-pound bulk bags, 50-lb. and 60-lb. paper bags, and even smaller bags for mail-order customers.

Whole Kernel Grains

  • Organic & Conventional High Protein Hard Red Wheat
  • Organic & Conventional Hard White Wheat
  • Organic & Conventional Durum Wheat
  • Organic Soft White Wheat
  • Organic Rye
  • Organic KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat
  • Organic Spelt


  • Organic Flax


  • Organic Lentils
  • Organic Peas


  • Organic whole wheat bread flour
  • Organic hard white wheat flour
  • Organic unbleached white flour (high protein for bread)
  • Organic durum flour (for pasta)
  • Organic pastry flour
  • Organic KAMUT® Flour (whole grain & white)
  • Organic rye flour
  • Organic Spelt (whole grain)

We also carry organic livestock feed for sale in large or small quantities.